Custom Work from Design to Manufacturing = VALUE!

Custom Work from Design to Manufacturing = VALUE!

Having supplied several desuperheater skids for their paper machines, MECO was approached by the Project Engineering team at Kapstone to work with them on a unit for a Green Liquor application.

We all agreed that the best approach was to spray controlled amounts of water into the superheated steam line and then to separate out the excess moisture.

This process would require a high pressure pump, ASME tanks and a control system to assure smooth operation when the application of the steam desuperheater was required. Also a compact design was needed to fit space limitations. Working with our principals Spirax Sarco, Aurora Pump & Neptune we were able to design a skid. Through the use of the SolidWorks design program, we met all of the parameters of Kapstone’s process requirements.
– Ben Crider, Engineered Sales

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