LobePro – The PC Pump Alternative

LobePro – The PC Pump Alternative

LobePro VS PC PumpsLobePro_May_Pumps_and_Systems_AD


LobePro pumps do the same jobs as well or better than progressive cavity pumps up to 150 psi of pressure. They also have the following advantages over progressive cavity (screw) pumps:

  • Require approximately 1/3 their physical space
  • Because they are 1/3 the size:
        1. Parts are typically 1/3 the cost
        2. Maintenance labor time is 1/3 or les
        3. Lifetime ownership cost is 1/3
  • Ability to run try for a period of time
  • Maintenance in place. LobePro lobes, seals and wear plates can be replaced without removing attached piping or pumping.
  • No Ragging. The PC Pump’s screwing motion does an outstanding job of winding rags, stringly plastics and hair around the rotor causing the pump to clog or “rag”. This requires stopping the pump and cleaning out the “rags” frequently.


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