MECO Product Highlight by National Pump Company

MECO Product Highlight by National Pump Company




Pump Type
Close Coupled Vertical Turbine
Application Fuel Oil Transfer & Storage, Water/brine Injection, Light Hydrocarbon Service, Raw & Potable Water Supply, Pipeline Boosters, Cooling Tower Service, Desalinization, Dry Docks
Description Product lubricated or enclosed lineshaft, mechanical seals or stuffing box
Materials Cast iron enameled bowls, bronze impellers, threaded or flanged column pipe, special coatings and materials available
Performance Capacity To 20,000 GPM
Head (TDH) To 2,000 Ft. (865 PSI)
Horsepower Up to 1,500 hp with electric motor or right angle gear drive. VFD, electric motor with solid or hollow shaft available
Model 6”-30” diameter bowls NF, NLF, NTF, NUF heads
Features and Options Suction bell, single or dual wear rings, dynamic balanced impellers, keyed or colletted impellers


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