MECO Sales Team Visits Deublin

MECO Sales Team Visits Deublin

Copy of deublinMECO’s Steve Crowley and Carson Young attended the Deublin rotary joint conference held at the Waukeegan, IL headquarters and manufacturing facility in October. Deublin invited a select group to share their latest advancements in rotary joints and collect feedback on how to better serve their customers.Deublin discussed improvements in design and the many opportunities to improve customer processes versus existing rotary joints. Customers do not have to accept limited seal life, broken siphons, and joints lasting months rather than years.Steve and Carson learned about Deublin’s strong presence and technical improvements in the machining industry. Many customers now improve on their original OEM installed union. MECO can offer a Deublin alternative to an existing GAT, RIX, OTT, or other rotary joint. As Deublin’s authorized representative in North and South Carolina, MECO is your local source for rotary unions. Contact MECO to learn what improvements are possible in your existing rotary joint installation.

Pictured below: Steve Crowley performing a hands on activity at the conference.


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