New BJM 2-Vane Impeller Design

New BJM 2-Vane Impeller Design


Here are new performance curves for the 2 HP thru 5 HP, cast iron SK pumps with new 2-vane impellers. You will see there is an increase in performance (HQ) especially toward runout flow, an increase in power (HP), and an increase in efficiency.  Also, the FLA for each size pump are the same, across the voltage range.  These SK 2-vane pumps are completely interchangeable with the monovane impeller pumps they replace.  The only mechanical change will be on the single phase, SK1500 model where we changed the impeller attaching method from threaded shaft to keyed.

The 2 HP through 5 HP, 316 SS SKX pumps with 2-vane impellers are expected to change late this calendar year.  We will keep you advised as to their status, until then contact MECO for all your BJM needs today!

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