New MECO Principal: DrM

New MECO Principal: DrM

MECO is pleased to announce that we are now representing DrM. DrM (short for Dr. Mueller AG) is a Switzerland based manufacturer of tubular pressure filters, otherwise known as candle filters, that go by the trade names of FUNDABAC® and CONTIBAC®. DrM has supplied more than 3300 filters worldwide. The advantages that DrM filters offer include: virtually no operator intervention during the filtration process, dry or wet cake discharge, batch or continuous operation, DrM’s patented heel volume filtration resulting in waste minimization, as well as precious materials (catalyst) recovery.

DrM is a firm believer in field service testing as a means of predicting results. It offers its customers its impressive fleet of lab and industrial scale pilot filters as a means of demonstrating the technical and commercial benefits of our filters. Successful testing gives its customers a level of comfort that scale-up is achievable on a consistent basis. Additionally, it allows DrM to provide process guarantees in specific circumstances.

MECO looks forward to working with DrM to provide our customers with exceptional engineered solutions and services. Contact us for more information on DrM products!

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