Pentair Releases 382B Series Aurora In-Line Pump Offering

Pentair Releases 382B Series Aurora In-Line Pump Offering

Pentair introduced a new group of Aurora inline pumps to expand the 380 Series inline pump product offering. The release of six new vertical inline pump sizes extends the 380 flow range to over 11,000 GPM.  These new pumps continue the Aurora In Line tradition of providing reliable, easy to maintain, space saving pump options for the commercial HVAC market.


The expanded pump sizes are as follows: 10x10x14, 10x10x19, 12x12x14, 12x12x18, 14x14x15, and 14x14x18. Through the use of advanced computational fluid dynamic software, each pump design is optimized to provide world class efficiency and minimize energy consumption. The pumps have been designed with serviceability in mind.  The motor and impeller are connected via a high strength aluminum coupling so that the seal can be serviced without the removal of the motor.  A proprietary jacking mechanism has been incorporated into the design, making seal changes a quick one-person operation.  Seals are available in a variety of material configurations to meet different pressure and temperature requirements.


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