Tranter’s Fouling-Resistant Heat Transfer

Tranter’s Fouling-Resistant Heat Transfer

Tranter’s Spiral Heat Exchanger’s long-flow, single-passage channels make possible finely tuned thermal length, enabling difficult process flows to be heated or cooled in a single unit without fouling.

Wide-Ranging Spiral HE Applications:dd

  • Cooling, heating, heat recovery
  • Near-vacuum condensation
  • Evaporation
  • Thermosyphon
  • Reboiling
  • Steam Heater
  • Refinery Desalters & FCC Bottoms Coolers
  • PVC Slurry and Condensers
  • Vegetable oil, water treatment
  • CPI, food, pharma, pulp & paper, primary metals, mining
  • Municipal waste water treatment/sludge processing

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