3 Things to Know About Air Strippers and Your Environment

3 Things to Know About Air Strippers and Your Environment

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Air Stripping Technology can be found in many industries and applications. This equipment is used to clean water in factories, drinking water facilities, waste cleanup sites and anywhere that contaminated water is found. If you work in an industrial field that deals with things like petroleum, dirty groundwater or harmful contaminants, chances are you have utilized Air Stripping Technology.

Air stripping solutions use air passing through contaminated water to remove — or strip — chemicals known as “volatile organic compounds” (VOCs). Because of their chemical makeup, these VOCs can transfer from liquid to gas and be removed from water easily. These towers are also used to remove dissolved gasses such as CO2, H2S and Radon.

Air strippers are useful in a variety of industrial capacities. Here are three things you should know about air strippers:

  1. Groundwater & Surface Water: Since the principles of aeration and mass-transfer don’t change depending on the water source, air strippers can be used to clean both groundwater and surface water that may be contaminated. When used with groundwater this process is typically referred to as a pump-and-treat remediation system.
  2. Efficient & Environmentally Friendly: Air stripping solutions are environmentally friendly because they use aeration to force harmful chemicals out of water sources, protecting the user of the water or location the water is discharged back into the environment. Packed-column strippers are the most common type of air strippers. These are cylindrical towers filled with a packing material where water is distributed and exposed to the air.
  3. The Delta Advantage: Delta Cooling Towers, Inc. offers premier air stripping technology in their patented Vanguard® Air Strippers. With available sizes up to 15′ diameter and capacities of up to 4000 GPM per column, these units are some of the most innovative and efficient on the market as displayed by over 600 installations worldwide. Air stripper installations can be found having a positive effect on almost everyone’s quality of life, be it at the local factory or manufacturing facility or cleaning the drinking water before it flows from the tap at home.

Delta may be best known for standard cooling towers, but they have also been providing quality air stripping solutions for over 25 years. If you’re looking for water remediation technology for the removal of organic solvents, chlorinated hydrocarbons, fuel/gasoline hydrocarbons, degreasers and certain other volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), look no further than the Delta Vanguard® Air Stripping Tower.

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