382B-SC Single Stage Vertical Inline Split Coupled Centrifugal Pump

382B-SC Single Stage Vertical Inline Split Coupled Centrifugal Pump

Pentair introduced a new group of Aurora inline pumps to expand the 380 Series inline pump product offering. These new pumps continue the Aurora In Line tradition of providing reliable, easy to maintain, space saving pump options for the commercial HVAC market.

 Features include:
  • Expanded pump sizes:  10x10x14, 10x10x19, 12x12x14, 12x12x18, 14x14x15, and 14x14x18
  • Stainless steel fitted
  • Flow range to over 11000 GPM



Through the use of advanced fluid dynamic software, each pump design was optimized to provide world class efficiency and minimize energy consumption. The pumps have been designed with serviceability in mind.  The motor and impeller are connected via a high strength aluminum coupling so that the seal can be serviced without the removal of the motor. Seals are available in a variety of material configurations to meet different pressure and temperature requirements. The standard configuration includes a carbon/ceramic inside-unbalanced seal, with outside balanced seals available in multiple material configurations.  The casings are made from high strength ductile iron to support working pressures up to 250 psi.  The high strength casings allow the pumps to be mounted directly inline with the piping, thereby eliminating the need for a base, flexible piping and field grouting.


For additional information on the 382B Series of inline pumps visit www.aurorapump.com. Contact MECO for all your Aurora needs!