Submersible SS pump replacement for VT jockey pump

One of our power plant customers had a 6” Vertical Turbine jockey pump on their fire sprinkler system.  The pump was being replaced annually at a cost of $100,000 per event.  The pump was oversized, it was subject to corrosion, and debris and sediment from the river was plugging it up.  The pump itself cost […]

Steam Fired Hot Process Water Circulating System

Mechanical Equipment Company custom designed, and built, a steam fired, hot process water circulating system for a regional health care company.  The closed loop system needed to circulate up to 900 GPM of water, heat it to 205F using 125 PSIG steam, with a 14,800,000 BTU/hr heat load.  While maximizing turndown, for process load variations.  […]

Tank Connection Food Storage

Processed food storage is offered in shop welded, field-welded, and bolted storage tanks for milling, baking and food processing applications. Food grade storage tanks are manufactured in coated carbon steel and stainless steel construction. Designed and customized per your requirements, Tank Connection designs are certified to nationally and locally recognized codes as required. TYPES OF […]

Cornell Solids Handling Pumps

Cornell offers a wide range of solids handling pumps, from 1.25″ though 30″ discharge size, to handle the most difficult solids applications. Cornell’s solids handling pumps can be found in a wide range of applications in the Municipal, Agricultural, and Industrial markets; and available in a variety of mounting configurations including close-coupled, SAE engine, horizontal, […]

JWC Monster Industrial OFFAL Grinders For Meat Processing

JWC’s Monster Industrial grinders can help you improve the efficiency of your meat, fish and poultry processing plant. Whether you need to reduce transportation costs, minimize equipment downtime or improve the efficiency of rendering, JWC’s Offal grinder can help. JWC’s grinders are designed to meet the requirements of your specific application and goals. JWC grinders has been helping […]

Amiad Receives Further NSF Accreditation for Drinking Water Safety

Amiad Water Systems, a leading global producer of water treatment and filtration solutions, is pleased to announce that its AMF microfiber filter technology has been evaluated and certified by NSF International, an independent public health and safety accreditation organization, for Cryptosporidium removal according to NSF/ANSI 419: Public Drinking Water Equipment Performance for municipal water filtration […]

Higher Heights: Women in Mechanical Engineering

Higher Heights focuses on 5 women who have changed the scope of mechanical engineering from the past to the present.  Name: Lilian Gilbreth Birth: 1878 Death: 1972 Education: PH.D., Brown University, 1915                                               […]

Cornell the Prime Example

Cornell’s popular self-priming series has the best efficiencies of any self-primers on the market. Designed with Cornell’s patented Cycloseal® sealing system to keep the seal area clear of debris, and ruggedly constructed for years of dependable operation with minimal maintenance.  The higher efficiency and lower maintenance requirements of Cornell’s self-priming pumps can translate into thousands […]

MECO and Spirax Sarco Customer Training Event

MECO and Spirax Sarco invite you to our customer training event which focuses on steam fundamentals, utilization, and applications. Event Details: When: Monday, April 24, 2017 Time: 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Where: SSI Training Center, 1150 Northpoint Blvd. Blythewood, SC, 29016 Price: You can participate in this originally $400 class for only $50! (Credit and PO […]

DEUBLIN and MECO Presents: Regional Dryer Optimization Seminar

Be our guest at our next Regional Dryer Optimization Seminar A 1-Day Technical Program on October 26, 2017 8:30 am-4:30 pm. Seminar Topics: Papermachine Overview Dryer Configuration Steam & Condensate System o Fundamentals … how to operate and trouble shoot Application of Siphons … how to select, what to select o Supporting Case Studies Steam […]

Calling Foul with EDI

We know that the wrong contaminants in your equipment can cost money, but did you know that the price tag could be as much as 30% efficiency loss in the first year? EDI’s Calling ‘Foul’ a technical bulletin provided by EDI offers a few solutions that will help you learn how to combat membrane fouling. […]

Find the Amiad Filter Right for Your Application

Amiad Water Systems has been focused on clean water solutions since 1962. Their innovative filter applications are a win/win for industrial water processes. In the search of the right filter for your needs, Amiad has created a 5-minute info-graphic entitled “Which Filter is Right for My Application?” A properly designed filter can prevent system downtime […]