Calling Foul with EDI

Calling Foul with EDI

We know that the wrong contaminants in your equipment can cost money, but did you know that the price tag could be as much as 30% efficiency loss in the first year? EDI’s Calling ‘Foul’ a technical bulletin provided by EDI offers a few solutions that will help you learn how to combat membrane fouling.

According to the text, “Fine bubble diffuser systems have demonstrated major energy operating cost efficiencies in most water and wastewater treatment industry applications. Fine bubble diffuser systems have evolved and currently incorporate two basic types of diffusers:

  1. Rigid fixed opening or fixed pore diffuser units such as coarse polyethylene and/or porous ceramic diffusers.
  2. Flexible membrane diffusers. Porous ceramic or rigid polyethylene pipe diffuser units are older technology that has been available for many years with modest refinements and/or adjustments in technology.

The same basic design capabilities and performance capabilities exist today as when they were first introduced back in the 1920’s. The mechanical method for delivering ceramic components to the basin has improved substantially; however, the basic operational issues of today are identical to the initial installations. Fouling of media is a common problem in many applications. Fouling of the membrane can increase system operating pressures (more energy cost to operate) and shorten the economic life of a membrane. Proper recognition and correction of fouling can enhance system operation and life.”

EDI Technical Bulletin

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EDI is a familiar name in the aeration industry and they seek to improve systems and streamlines on a daily basis. If you will like to find out more information about the EDI brand, be sure to speak with a MECO representative. We will be happy to help you choose the perfect EDI Diffuser for your next aeration project.