Faster and Easier Steam System Maintenance

Faster and Easier Steam System Maintenance

Steam traps are the hardest working components in the steam system. Maintenance or replacement of steam traps must be as quick and efficient as possible to avoid unnecessary disruption to related processes.


Traditional steam trapping assemblies often require the plant to be shut down for traps to be maintained or replaced taking significant time and reducing production output.


The Spirax Sarco PC3000 and PC4000 incorporate isolation valves, strainer, two-bolt steam trap connection and blowdown valves all in a single unit for quick and easy installation and operation.


  • ASME 600 design suitable for use on lines up to 797°F (425°C) at 812 psig (56 bar g)
  • Isolation valve mechanism prevents over tightening, preventing damage to piston, hand wheel and stem
  • Integral strainer protects steam trap from entrained debris and can be cleaned and/or replaced without shutting down entire system
  • Steam and condensate flow can be diverted away from pipeline connector working parts to allow maintenance of strainer screen and steam trap
  • Allows a complete range of steam traps to be fitted and maintained without breaking into the steam line


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