Specialized systems are designed to effectively treat and filter the water according to each specific requirements


DrM is a manufacturer of tubular pressure filters, otherwise known as candle filters, that have the trade names of FUNDABAC® and CONTIBAC®. DrM filters require no operator intervention or exposure during the filtration process. They offer dry or wet cake discharge, batch or continuous operation, patented heel volume filtration resulting in waste minimization, as well as precious materials recovery.  DrM also offers its customers an impressive fleet of lab and industrial scale pilot filters as a means of demonstrating the technical and commercial benefits of its filters.



High purity granular carbon and carbon cartridges for the removal of colors and odors from drinking and process waters


JWC_IPEC Branding



Wastewater Screening: internally fed screens, in-channel conveyor screens/washers, sludge thickeners, screw presses & conveyors, static screens, de-gritters, septage receiver stations.





Bar Screens: multi-rake, claw/rack & pinion, catenary, deep rake, traveling water, fine screens, rectangular clarifiers, conveyors, grit collectors & classifiers, bucket elevators, sludge collectors, live bottom bins, screw compactors, screw presses.

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