Shredder Pumps, also called cutter pmps (SK-Series), are designed to shear debris before pumping. The submersible Vortex Pumps (SV-Series), pass the entire solid. Single Vane impeller pumps (S-Series) are designed to pass effluent, dirty water with some solids. Watch Ken & Barbie get shredded ( here).


bioprocess H20
BioprocessH2O provides modular treatment systems that operate with a single pass to supply industry with an effective treatment solution for BOD reduction, Nitrification, Denitrification and ammonia reduction with minimal operator attention. BioprocessH2O’s bioFAS™ Looped Chord Media, bioFAS™ MBBR media systems, bioFLOW Tubular Membrane Systems, BioPULSE™ Airlift™ Tubular Membrane Systems, bioTRIPURE™ Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Systems, provide a flexible suite of powerful solutions to the challenges facing industrial water and wastewater customers.


ClariCone Clarifiers and Filtration Equipment.


Environmental Dynamics International (EDI) specializes in advanced technology aeration and biological treatment solutions for industrial wastewater treatment. Lagoon Systems, Industrial, Matrix MembraneFine Bubble, Coarse Bubble, Streamline, Diffuser replacement parts for most manufacturers (contact MECO for quotes).


delta cooling towers
Corrosion resistant cooling towers manufactured from Polyethylene with capacities ranging from 10 Tons to 2,000 Tons.

Packaged Cooling systems including open or closed loop heat exchangers along with skid mounted pumps and controls.



The most affordable wastewater treatment for industrial waste, agricultural waste, and industrial waste and by-product cleaning on the planet. Deskins Patented Quick-Dry Dewatering Process – RapidFloc Mixer is the first patented process to integrate state of the art technology to make thickening and de-watering on granular media an efficient, reliable, predictable, and cost effective process.



JWC_IPEC Branding



Solid/liquid separation in primary screening, scum screening and sludge thickening. Internally and externally fed rotary screens, in-channel conveyor screens/washers, sludge thickeners, screw presses & conveyors, static screens, de-gritters, septage receiver stations, sidehill screens, stand-alone screening units and shaftless screw presses and compactors. Industrially, the screens are used in meat, poultry, fish, vegetable, petrochemical and pulp and paper.



Primary treatment systems NFS – Filter systems, Gravisep – Gravity separators, NCF – Coagulation & Flocculation, Optiflot – Flotations systems

Secondary treatment systems – Bioctor – Aerobic biological treatment systems, Anoctor – Anaerobic biological treatment systems

Tertiary treatment solutions – Sand filters, Media filters, Active carbon filters, Aerated activated carbon filters, Disinfection & Membrane systems, types MF / UF/ MF and RO




Technologies for treatment of wastewater, CSO/SSO,” Volute Dewatering Press” for low maintenance solids/sludge dewatering systems, HBNR Hybrid Biological Nutrient Removal systems, “SAF” Submerged Fixed Film Bio-Reactor, raked bar screens for CSO/SSO


aqua azul

Innovative Ultraviolet Disinfection and Chemical Reduction Systems







Bar Screens: multi-rake, claw/rack & pinion, catenary, deep rake, traveling water, fine screens, rectangular clarifiers, conveyors, grit collectors & classifiers, bucket elevators, sludge collectors, live bottom bins, screw compactors, screw presses.