MECO Now Offering JWC’s Vertical Auger Monster for Industrial Applications

MECO Now Offering JWC’s Vertical Auger Monster for Industrial Applications

Vertical Auger Monster: The all-in-one solution to remove trash and unwanted solids from your Pump Station.


The Vertical Auger Monster is a fine screening device that captures debris, conveys it vertically out of the pump station, launders the screenings to remove fecal matter and finally dewater the debris before depositing the clean and dry material into a bin. When paired with a dual-shafted JWC Monster Grinder the cleanliness of the screenings is maximized. The grinder breaks up rags and tough solids allowing from a higher level of separation of the organics from the solids. JWC Environmental offers a selection of Vertical Auger Monster Products to serve a wide range of applications. The ACV and AGV Vertical Auger Monsters incorporate Muffin Monster® grinding technology and have peak flows up to 5.0 MGD (792 m3/hr). The ALV Vertical Auger Monster is a cost effective solution with the capability of flows as high as 11.1 MGD (1754 m3/hr).


Pre-Condition Solids

• Proven Muffin Monster® grinding technology.

• Breaks-up clumps to separate out organics.

• Shreds wipes, stringy material to prevent wrapping.

Cleaner Screenings Discharge

• Integrated spray wash launders screenings.

• Solids are removed while soft organics are washed back into the waste stream.

• Lower fecal material in discharge reduces odors.

Dry and Compact Screenings

• Rugged dual helix auger compacts and squeezes water from solids.

• Less volume lowers waste disposal cost.

High Capture Efficiency

• Fine screening with perf sizes from 2-6mm.

• Unique brush attachment on auger keeps screen clean.

Modular Screening System

• Placement in existing pump station with little or no civil work.

• Easy installation in outdoor locations.

Automated PLC Controls

• Auto load sensing and reversing protects the system.

• Adjustable, differential run times for optimal solids removal.

• Auger “fail-safe” mode ensures system continues running even if electronics are disabled.


MECO is proud to offer the Vertical Auger Monster for industrial applications.
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