MECO’s Repair Shop: A Quicker, More Cost-Effective Option

MECO’s Repair Shop: A Quicker, More Cost-Effective Option

McCall Farms recently contacted MECO regarding the need for additional Cornell food processing pumps. While MECO was at the facility discussing the applications for the required new pumps, we discovered a handful of unused and severely worn out Cornell pumps that the customer thought were un-repairable. After further inspection, MECO was able to determine the pumps were repairable. A short time later MECO’s repair shop was able to return the repaired pumps to the customer in like-new condition. This repair project provided the customer with multiple options for obtaining the needed pumps and resulted in a major cost savings and shorter delivery time for the customer.

As with many facilities, the time and man-power required to repair pumps and other components just isn’t available. MECO’s fully supplied and staffed repair shop has the ability to get your pump back into service quickly and cost effectively. Call Mechanical Equipment Company to find out more about how our service department can help you with your pump maintenance needs.

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