Centrifugal, Regenerative Turbine, Boiler Feed, End-Suction, Condensate, Horizontal Split Case, Sewage, Sump, Fire Pumps and Systems.


Shredder pumps, also called cutter pumps (SK-Series), are designed to shear debris before pumping. The submersible vortex pumps (SV-Series), pass the entire solid. Single Vane impeller pumps (S-Series) are designed to pass effluent, dirty water with some solids.

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S-Series (sludge/slurry and general use) pumps, C-Series (chemical/and corrosive
resistant) pumps, and D-Series (duplex pumps and abrasive applications).



Progressive Cavity and Screw Pumps.


Heavy-Duty Centrifugal and Non-Clog Pumps, Submersible and Horizontal Split Case Pumps.


Seal-Less Magnetically-Driven Chemical Pumps.


Vertical Turbine, Submersible Vertical Turbine in Cast Iron and Alternate Metallurgies.


Hydraulic Diaphragm and Solenoid Operated Metering Pumps, Peristaltic Hose Pumps,  Accessories and Systems. Polymer Mixing


Process and Custom Pumps in Stainless Steel and Exotic Metals.