Simple Start-Up and Energy Credit Eligible Thanks to QuantumFlo

Simple Start-Up and Energy Credit Eligible Thanks to QuantumFlo

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MECO was called to a high-rise office complex in downtown Greenville. The existing system used pressure reducing valves and constant speed 20 HP duplex pumps. Both pumps were leaking. One pump was being run all the time in manual and both thermal relief valves were discharging to drain constantly. There are two high-rise office buildings at this site and the customer wanted a new booster pump for each building.

The QuantumFlo Einstein program has an excellent sizing module. Given the suction pressure, the height of the building and the fixture count, we were able to come up with new pump sizing for each building. Both systems were close enough that we offered identical systems to further simplify their equipment. Due to the height difference, one system will normally run a few HZ slower than the other one.

The customer is now applying for energy credits after converting from a 20 HP motor running 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, to a 7-1/2 HP motor running a fraction of the time at a reduced speed.

Startup Report:

The simplest part of this story? The Startup! We arrived onsite, vented the air out of the vertical stack pumps, checked the incoming voltage, made sure the valves were open, powered it up, entered the unlock code, put the pumps in automatic and it ran perfectly. We spent more time helping the customer make sure all the air was out of the system than we did with the actual “startup”.

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