STAPS: How to Keep a Constant, Effortless Watch Over Your Steam Traps

STAPS: How to Keep a Constant, Effortless Watch Over Your Steam Traps

STAPS Steam Trap Monitoring

If you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your business’ steam trap monitoring, the Spirax Total Acoustic Performance Solutions (STAPS) wireless monitoring system is a quick and easy way to implement continuous monitoring. This monitoring system helps operators keep their steam traps in continuous working order with minimal effort. By instantly identifying steam traps that become blocked or stuck open, the technology allows operators to take immediate remedial action to maintain the highest productivity, protect end product quality and avoid unnecessary energy costs. Crucially, the STAPS Wireless steam trap system uses wireless communications to eliminate the cost and inconvenience of fitting the power and data lines used by conventional wired monitoring systems. A STAPS head unit is simply clamped onto the upstream side of the steam trap, avoiding the need to isolate processes or cut into pipework, meaning that commissioning is much faster than a wired alternative. STAPS Wireless can be deployed almost anywhere, extending monitoring to remote and hard to access areas of the plant such as high level pipe racks. The system can monitor most common trap types, regardless of manufacturer, allowing complete trap populations to be covered.


Continuous monitoring ensures malfunctions or failures never go unnoticed, so systems can always be kept as efficient and productive as possible. This is particularly important for critical applications, such as trace heating, direct steam injection and product curing, which need to be kept clear of condensate in order to prevent premature cooling or product contamination. It is also important to detect traps that are leaking, which can lead to unnoticed steam loss and increased energy costs. As such, STAPS Wireless complements a program of regular steam trap surveys, inspections and maintenance which can identify performance issues across an entire steam trap population.


The monitor uses ultrasonic detection to monitor steam traps. Their sound signatures are then categorized and transmitted via wireless networking to a central PC, which uses specialized software to graphically show when a problem crops up, where the faulty steam trap is located and calculation of the cost of the failure in terms of energy loss.

As well as helping to maintain the highest system efficiency, STAPS Wireless provides clear justification for steam trap replacement. STAPS enables operators to decide where to deploy maintenance staff so that budgets can be controlled and spent most effectively.

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