STREAMLINE® – The Perfect Fine Bubble Aeration System

STREAMLINE® – The Perfect Fine Bubble Aeration System

Getting the PERFECT fine bubble aeration system is easy when you STREAMLINE®.
EDI Aeration


Aeration Simplified

STREAMLINE’s proven design elevates the industry’s standard practice by minimizing in-basin aeration piping and attached diffuser components. STREAMLINE® delivers a new level of performance, simplicity and service life.


A premium panel product, STREAMLINE® incorporates proprietary features that offer greatest range of SOTE and airflow in the industry – up to 80% installation densities.


Can be configured for any industrial or municipal application, tank size or geometry.

Robust Options

These configurations offer the options of stainless steel and composite resin lateral and PTFE MATRIX PLUS impregnated membranes.

Units also available in 100% non-metallic composition for severe or corrosive conditions.


Represents the next generation in diffused aeration technology marking the convergence of 100 years of industry application know-how and mechanical design expertise.


  • High structural integrity
  • High temperature / extreme condition options
  • Lowest total ownership cost
  • Configurable to any plant layout
  • Maximum oxygen transfer for high SAE


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