Submersible SS pump replacement for VT jockey pump

Submersible SS pump replacement for VT jockey pump

One of our power plant customers had a 6” Vertical Turbine jockey pump on their fire sprinkler system.  The pump was being replaced annually at a cost of $100,000 per event.  The pump was oversized, it was subject to corrosion, and debris and sediment from the river was plugging it up.  The pump itself cost about $40,000 with a 24 week lead time.

Mechanical Equipment Company designed and built a drop in Stainless Steel replacement for them.  We started with a 4” submersible well pump properly sized, with a PVC flow sleeve.  We put an oversized 6” well screen around it to keep it from being plugged up by stuff from the river.  We then broke the 30 FT of column up into 5 FT sections with lifting lugs.  We finished it off with a stainless steel baseplate, NEMA 4X disconnect switch, an air release valve that allowed the column to drain back down to prevent freezing, and a below grade discharge to match up with the existing discharge piping.

The pump can now be changed out using a chain fall, instead of a crane. The stainless-steel construction eliminated the corrosion issues.  The replacement pump has a 2 week lead time, and it’s small enough that storing an onsite spare isn’t a problem.  Best of all the replacement cost was reduced from $100,000 per event to $7,000 per event.

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