Tank Connection Aqua AGT 2020™: Addressing Today’s Glass Problem

Tank Connection Aqua AGT 2020™: Addressing Today’s Glass Problem

THE PROBLEM: The problems with glass coatings offered today in bolted tank construction stems from the fact that suppliers of glass coated tanks continue to offer marginal to low quality products, which are directly related to increased field performance issues. From spalling glass, to the continued use of low quality glass formulations applied to light tank designs that utilize unlimited stiffeners, competitor products offered today will not fulfill client expectations for long-term performance.

THE CLIENT EXPECTATION: For water and wastewater storage, the client expectation is for a glass coating system that will provide consistent, nonproblematic, long-term field performance. Relative to tank design, the client expectation is for a high quality, high precision, bolted tank design that doesn’t leak or utilize cheap web stiffeners for support. Tank Connection‘s bolted RTP water tank construction without web stiffeners, coated with Aqua AGT 2020™ will fulfill all client expectations when glass coatings are preferred.

TC DEVELOPMENT: TC’s R&D in the application of a vitreous enamel coating system has followed the same development approach as our fusion powder coating lines. TC fired special vitreous enamel coatings in-house over 2 years ago and the lessons learned since that time have unveiled some interesting facts on its application. Once again, TC has teamed-up with the “recognized industry experts” in porcelain/vitreous enamel technologies to develop an advanced glass technology (AGT) that would address “the problem” and fulfill “the client expectation” noted above. Aqua AGT 2020™ is that high performance glass coating system.

Aqua AGT Panel

Other specifics on Aqua AGT 2020™:

• TC has combined our expertise in bolted RTP panel fabrication with the “recognized industry experts” in the application of porcelain enamels.

• TC is the exclusive provider of this proprietary vitreous enamel coating formulation and process technology developed by Porcelain Industries.

• Aqua AGT (advanced glass technology) 2020™ vitreous enamel coating will meet and exceed AWWA D103 requirements.

• Aqua AGT 2020™ vitreous enamel coating system will meet and exceed EN ISO 28765:2016 requirements.

• Coating thickness: 10-14 mils

• Steel: Special grade for enameling

• Application: Advanced, proprietary formulation, wet enamel slip

• Steel blast: SSPC 10 near white steel grit blast

• Edge preparation: Mechanical bevel with stainless steel coating

• Firing temperature controlled environment: Up to 1500° F

• Two-coat/two-fire application: Superior quality compared to competitor’s glass coatings

• Vitreous enamel formulation, base and cover coat layers proprietary • Holiday testing: Every sheet internal surface tested – holiday free

• Thermatron testing: Continuous 24/7 down to -5° F

• Two phases of manufacturing are currently in motion

• Independent third party testing to be available

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