Find the Amiad Filter Right for Your Application

Find the Amiad Filter Right for Your Application

Amiad Water Systems has been focused on clean water solutions since 1962. Their innovative filter applications are a win/win for industrial water processes. In the search of the right filter for your needs, Amiad has created a 5-minute info-graphic entitled “Which Filter is Right for My Application?”

A properly designed filter can prevent system downtime and improve process efficiency. For example, algae build up in a cooling tower can impede heat transfer, leading to higher utility rates and poor system performance. Algae and other contaminates are automatically purged from the cooling tower system by a self-cleaning filtration unit. Adding a properly sized self-cleaning filter could be the defining point in creating a steady maintenance through water protection. The info-graphic below not only offers answers to questions regarding the best filtration usage for your needs, but it also allows our customers to browse the different product lines available at Amiad.

Amiad's Filter infographic

Amiad’s Filter infographic

Amiad Water Blog-5 Minute Splash

The condensed graphic allows you to strategically align the needs of your system with Amaid’s extensive filtration products. For Instance, the ABF Brush offers coarse filtration for high flow rates and high suspended solid loads. Wastewater treatment applications are a perfect fit for the Amiad ABF Filter.  One of their products that can help on multiple water purposes is the Arkal SK Disc, The Arkal uses depth filtration and offers superior performance for the removal of algae, organics, and string like containments perfect for multi-industry standards.

Does your water process need to flow smoother? Try it the Amiad way, it is proven to improve the quality of water for sustaining cleanliness in all of your water projects. If you have any questions about Amiad’s products and filtration applications view our products page at Also, feel free to call into our Simpsonville office at 864.967.3420 or our Matthews office at 704.847.2100 to speak to one of our sales representatives.

We can assist in helping you regain your water knowledge with Amiad’s products.