The Importance of Evaluating Cooling Systems for the Long-Term

The Importance of Evaluating Cooling Systems for the Long-Term

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Cooling systems are more important than ever. The companies that manufacture these products have to service just about every industry and they have a lot of responsibility on their hands. HVAC cooling towers and other cooling systems not only have to provide the basic service of condensing steam and cooling water, but they also have to last a long enough time for long-term effects to appear. Delta Cooling Towers, Inc. provides a 20-year warranty on all their products, and many businesses appreciate the warranty as well as the quality service.

“I asked the plant manager, ‘would you by the same tower again?'” Shayne Seever, vice president of Sierra Aluminum Company, said, “he said, ‘Definitely.’ That’s all I needed to hear.”

Seever recently made the switch to a Delta cooling tower after becoming frustrated with the replacement cycle of repairing and replacing expensive cooling systems. Seever noted that Sierra almost decided to go with stainless steel models, but they were too costly. They finally decided to go with the Delta-manufactured high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic system. “We liked that approach particularly because the fill had the capability to withstand high temperatures,” Seever said.

An evaporation cooling ton – measured by BTUs which is the heat energy required to increase temperatures of a pound of water one degree ranging from 32 to 212 degrees – is about 15,000 BTUs per hour. To find the heat load and how much you will need to cool or heat your structure, you have to take the water circulation rate and multiply that by the cooling rate and 500.

The products that Seever used in the past would end up heating the coolant water to well over 140 degrees, which would melt the structure and destroy the tower. “As soon as you melt the cooling tower fill,” Seever adds, “you lose cooling efficiency, and you have to replace the entire tower.”

Just like many other business owners, Seever is excited about the future now that they are confident in their cooling tower decisions. “We will save tens of thousands of dollars each year on energy costs,” Seever said, “compared with that we were spending on our previous towers.”

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