Throttle Your Control Valve Costs with Spirax Sarco

Throttle Your Control Valve Costs with Spirax Sarco

Spirax Sarco Control Valve

From small to large, from low to high pressure, Spirax Sarco control valves can meet almost any process control application with minimal total cost of ownership (TCO).

Accurate temperature and pressure control are at the heart of most industrial processes and general heating applications. Indeed, major processing sites can have control valve populations running into the thousands, so keeping valve costs under control is vital. This is best accomplished by sourcing valves for their lowest life cycle cost rather than choosing the least expensive to buy. Shutting down a process to replace a failed, poor quality valve can far outweigh any capital costs saved at the time of purchase. Spirax Sarco offers an expanded range of Spira-trolâ„¢ Control Valves that deliver low total cost of ownership through their reliability, simple commissioning, ease of maintenance, wide choice of options and superior support.

Spira-trol valves can be maintained without being removed from the pipeline and their components can be replaced without the need for special tools. Self-aligning, clamp-inplace internals avoid the difficulties caused by conventional screw-in seats that can seize in place requiring the valve to be removed from the pipeline and causing a lengthy shutdown. Hard trim materials and slow internal flow velocities help to minimize internal erosion, extending valve life. Their modular design means Spira-trol valves can also be reconfigured to suit new demands easily, while stockholding costs for spares are minimized because Spira-trol components can be used with several different valves. Spira-trol valves can be used with electric or pneumatic actuation. Pneumatic actuators offer fast-acting performance and a correctly sized valve avoids many problems. If a valve is too large for a given duty, it will operate more closely to its seat and experience more wear. Equally, a valve that is too small may constrict the flow and lead to high velocities, reducing its life. An incorrectly sized and selected valve may also be subject to cavitation and noise in the process piping, which can rapidly wear the valve internals.

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