Tranter & Ethanol…a CONSTANT Combination

Tranter & Ethanol…a CONSTANT Combination

When it comes to Ethanol, Tranter has Plate Heat Exchangers installed in over HALF of all plants in the USA!

Tranter Plate Heat Exchanger

Tranter is the expert that you can rely on for innovative heat transfer solutions for your ethanol production needs. Tranter has a well-proven track record in delivering expert level solutions for over half of the ethanol facilities in the United States. In addition, Tranter‘s R&D Team continuously works to deliver new products to meet the needs of the industry; as well as improvements/enhancements to the current product designs.

Dirt, deposits, scale and other foulants rob your PHEs of their efficiency. Continuing to operate them risks damage to your plates—damage that could lead to leaks, faulty operation and reduced exchanger service life. Faulty PHEs in turn pose damage risks to upstream and downstream equipment with expensive, unscheduled downtime for repairs. 

Whether you’re looking for new PHEs or you need parts and service to help keep your existing PHEs running at peak efficiency, MECO can help. Call us today at 864-967-3420!