EDI Diffuser Training

EDI Diffuser Training

Brent Weber of EDI provided technical training for MECO’s Industrial Engineered Sales Team on August 24th, 2015.  EDI is a world class manufacturer of aeration products for the industrial wastewater market.  EDI is a full service organization and provides field contract services for equipment installation, start-up and maintenance with demonstrated success in more than 7,000 installations in over 100 countries worldwide.

Already popular with municipalities, more and more industrial waste treatment plants are realizing that diffuser aeration offers advantages over traditional mechanical aerators. With up to 70% of a waste treatment plant’s energy usage consumed by mechanical aerators, an energy savings payback often justifies the project. EDI works with the customer from initial study through installation.

For those already using diffuser aeration, we now provide replacement parts for any manufacturer, possibly offering a different membrane material to extend the life. Contact MECO today to learn more about industrial wastewater treatment or diffuser aeration. edi

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