Getting Your Money’s Worth: Cooling Towers for Your Business and How to Save Money

Getting Your Money’s Worth: Cooling Towers for Your Business and How to Save Money

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If you’re in charge of any aspect of your business, one of the main questions you focus on for each purchase you make is: is the value of the product worth the actual price you’re paying? According to ACHR News, the value added to that specific product is just as important. Things like a trusted warranty, assistance with installation, engineering help, and excellent service can increase the overall worth of that product or piece of equipment.

Cooling water towers for businesses are extremely important and those with added value include tremendous benefits. Quality cooling towers can improve water efficiency and trim the cost for any business and can be done relatively easily, depending on the product you’re using.

If your business is operating with a standard-efficiency motor on your cooling tower, you may be spending too much on energy prices. Replacing that motor with a high-efficiency motor can lower energy requirements by up to eight percent and improve water efficiency.

The buildup of foulants and corrosion on cooling towers can hinder the overall cooling efficiency. This accumulation can lower energy efficiency by more than 5% and could end up costing you much more. Just doing a 5% efficiency improvement on a 1,000-ton cooling system can save almost $10,000 a year.

The added value to look for when dealing with cooling towers is an unbreakable warranty. Delta Cooling, for instance, uses a 20-year warranty on every engineered plastic cooling tower shell and are not harmed by the most aggressive water chemical treatments. These cooling towers are manufactured to be durable and last many years. It’s nice to have that peace of mind.

If you’re a business owner and you’re looking to improve water efficiency around your business and need assistance, contact MECO today!