For high temperature isolation

A skid for heating a chemical bath with steam, using two plate and frame heat exchangers to isolate the chemical bath from the high temperature steam. There is a closed loop water circulation system that circulates water through one heat exchanger where it is heated by steam. The water is then circulated through the other heat exchanger to heat the chemical bath. This system gives the user all the benefits of steam heating while using the closed water loop to avoid having the chemical bath exposed to the high steam temperatures.

1. Channel Iron Frame
2. SS Drip Pan
3. Aurora Water Loop Circulation Pump
4. Tranter Plate and Frame heat exchanger used to heat chemical bath
with hot water.
5. Pressure safety relief valve on water loop
6. APCO Air release valve on water loop
7. Combination disconnect starter for circulation pump
8. Steam Control Valve
9. Tranter Plate and Frame heat exchanger used to water with steam
10. I-P for control valve
11. High performance steam trap